Massachusetts is one of many states across the country dealing with high inflation costs for everyday items and it's making for some tough decisions, especially for residents of the older generation.

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Many elderly Massachusetts folks who live on a fixed income are struggling to pay for food, rent, and medications and have to choose which one is a priority when in reality they are all priorities and necessities.

There are Billions of Dollars in Programs for Older Massachusetts Residents

If you find yourself in that situation there is help for you. There are billions of dollars in benefits programs that can help but few eligible older adults know they exist or how to apply.

You May Be Eligible for Benefits...There's a Way to Know for Sure 

One website that you can view is This website connects older adults and people with disabilities to benefits. The site makes it easy to see if you may be eligible and then it helps you find out where to apply online or how to get help from a benefits counselor.

It's Worth a Shot and Could Change Your Life for the Better 

This tool could make a big difference in your life and remove the stress of having to decide between everyday needs. Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, the Berkshires, or anywhere in Massachusetts you can apply and see if you are eligible. With a few clicks, it's worth a shot.

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