Boy, talk about making me feel OLDER. It was 44 years ago on December 13 when Foghat's blazing slide guitar musical monolith, "Slow Ride", entered the Top 40.

If you saw the early 90's movie, Dazed and Confused, you may remember the scene where the young kid climbs onto his bed and slaps the headphones on. The song cranking in his ears was "Slow Ride." And it was a perfect soundtrack choice from director Richard Linklater.

I seriously don't think any other song would have worked. Dazed and Confused was a movie that took place in the 1970s, and "Slow Ride" just might be the perfect 70's song. Now, I'm not saying it's the BEST song from the "Have a Nice Day" decade, just the one that perhaps best defines 70's rock.

I mean, you've got "Stairway To Heaven", "Free Bird", and "Smoke On The Water" among others that are probably better songs, but may not have worked as well. For starters, "Stairway" and "Free Bird" start off too slow, and you needed a song to come crashing through those headphones from the git-go.

"Smoke On The Water" dates from the start of the decade, so I don't think that would have worked. "Slow Ride" is just so 1970's. Maybe because it's from the middle of the decade, 1975.

An offshoot of the band Savoy Brown, Foghat were several albums into their career before they tasted real success. That success came with "Slow Ride". Happy 44 Years!

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