Oh, Yummy! today is National Pizza Day. I really thought these numbers for loving pizza would be higher.

Today is National Pizza Day.  Finally, the one day a year when Americans will eat pizza.

  • So my question to you is, who makes the best pizza in the Berkshires and what kind is your favorite?

National Day Calendar/YouTube

Here are some results from a new survey celebrating the "holiday"

1.  57% of people say they LOVE pizza 41% say they wouldn't go as far as to say they love it, but they like it a lot and 2% say they hate pizza.  How can you hate pizza?

2.  30% of us eat pizza at least once a week.

3.  22% of us can eat an entire pizza by ourselves.

4.  When it comes to what we put on top of our pizzas, Our favorite toppings are Cheese, pepperoni, sausage,  mushrooms, bacon, onions,  green peppers,  black olives,  Canadian bacon, and pineapple.

5.  And finally, 4% of women say they'd rather eat pizza than have a boyfriend.  3% of men would choose eating pizza over having a girlfriend.

A. There’s Something For Everyone
Thin crust or deep dish? Sauce or no sauce? for me, it's a nice chunky sauce, Classic mozzarella or that new provolone? Wood-fired or out of the oven? Part of pizza’s appeal is that it’s never the same and can easily be adapted to changing tastes, preferences, and diets.

B. It’s Festive
Admit it, you still remember those grade school pizza parties with a certain sense of child-like glee. Whether it’s the red, white and green of a classic Margherita pizza or the sparkle of perfectly cooked pepperoni, pizza adds something extra special, wherever you are.

C. Perfect Salty, Sweet, Carb-Y Goodness
The interplay of cheese to sauce to crust creates an almost addictive food bomb of different aromas, textures, and flavors. Other foods are hard pressed to do the same.



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