It's National Hot Dog Day.  And we've got the results of a recent survey on America's favorite hot dog toppings.

Ketchup is the favorite, which isn't that surprising.  It got 25% of the vote.  But it is a little surprising that mustard didn't take First or second.  Here are the top ten.

1.  Ketchup.

2.  Chili.

3.  Mustard.

4.  Cheese.

5.  Relish.

6.  Onions.

7.  Sauerkraut.

8.  Mayo.

9.  Jalapeños.

10.  Coleslaw.

Some great ways to celebrate National Hot Dog Day.

1. Find a famous party
Across the countries, cities and towns are holding official parties to celebrate dog day.

2. Build a hot dog bar
All you need is a grill, some friends, a hot summer day, and some cold drinks to have your own footlong fiesta. Get creative by setting up a bar with less-than-common condiments.

3. Find your city’s best wiener
Every city’s got one. That one restaurant that boasts having the greatest hot dogs in the state. We here in the Berkshires have a couple of great hot dog places.