Rock 'n' roll and longevity used to be mutually exclusive. Now it's practically part of the job description.

In the genre's early days, most critics expected its leading artists to flame out or disappear after a few short years. Surely nobody anticipated a band like the Rolling Stones to endure the rigors of the road for six decades.

Incidentally, the Stones aren't on our list of Rockers on Tour in Both 1974 and 2024. But that's only because they stayed off the road in 1974. Several other rock icons have demonstrated a similar longevity, packing venues for a half-century and beyond.

Most of them simply don't know any other way of life. Veteran road warriors like Bruce Springsteen, Alice Cooper and ZZ Top are still logging thousands of miles a year with the same fervor they had in their youth.

Others are in a much more comfortable and lucrative touring position now than they were in 1974. Artists like Journey, Judas Priest and Scorpions were still finding their footing and trying to make a name for themselves back then. Now they've become bonafide legends and continue to pack theaters, arenas, and in some cases, even stadiums around the world.

Of course, half a century on the road takes its toll, and some artists have found other ways to perform while shortening the distance between gigs. Billy Joel has shattered records over the course of his Madison Square Garden residency, while acts like Santana and Styx have enjoyed successful stints in Las Vegas in recent years.

No matter how they do it, the most important part is these artists are still performing — proving skeptics wrong and giving fans what they want. Read on to learn about 28 Rockers on Tour in Both 1974 and 2024.

Rockers on Tour in Both 1974 and 2024

Longevity is the name of the game now.

Gallery Credit: Bryan Rolli

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