For those hoping to dodge Thanksgiving travel chaos and inclement weather, leaving for home a bit earlier might be a wise move this year. According to Masslive, AccuWeather suggests that Massachusetts residents embarking on their journeys over the weekend, specifically on Saturday and Sunday, could potentially sidestep the worst of both crowds and unfavorable weather leading up to the holiday.

What is the main concern?

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The main point of concern for this weekend is a coastal storm predicted to usher in rain from Friday night into Saturday, accompanied by winds ranging from 20 to 30 mph. However, the silver lining is that conditions are anticipated to improve by Sunday, with clearer skies forecasted.

By planning their travels for the earlier part of the weekend, individuals might not only escape the peak travel times but also avoid the brunt of the inclement weather. This strategic departure could contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable Thanksgiving travel experience for those hitting the roads.

Where do we expect this storm to be?

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As the week progresses, the storm is set to shift eastward by Wednesday, triggering a surge in weather-related delays across over a dozen states. Major travel hubs, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and Detroit, may experience disruptive weather conditions in the lead-up to Thursday.

However, there's a silver lining for those indulging in Thanksgiving feasts. Once the holiday is celebrated and stomachs are pleasantly stuffed, travelers can anticipate a return journey marked by more favorable conditions.

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AccuWeather suggests that Black Friday and the subsequent weekend are expected to offer a reprieve, with improved travel conditions, providing a stylish and smoother return to various destinations.

This forecast could bring a sense of relief to those braving the potential disruptions earlier in the week, offering a window of opportunity for post-Thanksgiving travel without the hassles of the storm's earlier impact.

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