Celebrity sightings are fun. Over the years I have met a few celebrities, particularly at the Scare-A-Con events which were held in Springfield, Massachusetts a few years back. Scare-A-Con is basically Comic-Con for horror movie fans. There are some great celebrities at these events and they're some of the friendliest people on Earth despite their spooky roles on the big screen.

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Two of my top favorite celebrities that I met at Scare-A-Con were Tom Atkins who starred and co-starred in movies like The Fog, Creepshow, Night of the CreepsHalloween III, and Lethal Weapon.  Another big-name celebrity whom I particularly enjoyed meeting was Ernie Hudson who played Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters movies and was also in such films as The CrowCongo, and even an early episode of Full House. 

Another celebrity that I saw (and this one was more of a true spotting) was about 20 years ago when I saw actor Claire Danes at the now-closed Red Herring in Williamstown. She was just sitting at a table enjoying a meal with some folks. The group I was with walked by her table. My wife (girlfriend at the time) whispered to me that Claire Danes was sitting at the table. We just minded our own business and kept walking toward our table. Claire Danes was in a ton of movies and shows including Little Women, Romeo + Juliet, My So-Called Life, The Family Stone, and the list goes on and on.

A Hilarious Celebrity Recently Made an Appearance at an Indian Restaurant in Massachusetts 

In case you missed it, one big-time celebrity who was enjoying a meal recently in Massachusetts was stand-up comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry was spotted at the Indian restaurant Panjabi Tadka which is located on Main Street in Springfield.

Some of the comments on Instagram praised Jerry for his support of the local eatery including the following:

What a great dude to find one of the best spots in Springfield. Small and family run, says it all about Jerry……the man!

You can tell that owners had seen an episode or two of Seinfeld as they included a funny comment on the photo post.

Look who stopped by for lunch! No soup for you!!

You can check out Jerry Senfeld's 2024 tour dates by going here.

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