I have to say something like this happened to my son Andrew and his Wife with their 4-year-old darling and very smart 4-year-old Victoria. Who, at the ripe old age of 4 decided to get her moms phone and order a bunch of stuff off of Amazon.

Returning stuff from Amazon is pretty easy.  So these parents deserve some credit.  They definitely didn't HAVE to do this.

A  story ran on  Mashable / Buzzfeed showing how smart kids are with technology and taking the initiative to get what they want.

A six-year-old girl in Utah named Caitlin Diyaolu recently asked her mom if she could go on Amazon to track a package a Barbie doll she was getting for her birthday. Sounds great right?

While her mom wasn't looking, she ordered over $300 worth of additional toys, video games, and board games.  And she even added on one-day shipping, such a smart little cookie wanted the good as fast as she could get them.

Her mom didn't know about it until the boxes showed up the next day.

amazon shopper 1


Caitlin's older cousin says she knew exactly what she was doing.  And she hasn't been grounded, but she's not allowed to use the Internet for a month.  Which if you think about it is like the 2018 version of being grounded.

The really wonderful part of this story is that instead of sending everything back for a refund, her parents are donating the toys to a children's hospital where Caitlin stayed for a week as a baby.

amazon shopper 2

So all the toys are going to sick kids.  But they are letting her keep the original Barbie doll they ordered.



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