Massachusetts residents know all too well the beauty of New England this time of year. We are currently in peak leaf-peeping season as the foliage is bursting with robust color serving as ideal photo opportunities. Areas like Mount Greylock Reservation, Quabbin Reservoir, and Wachusett Mountain State Reservation (just to name a few) are all prime destinations for leaf peepers, tourists, and social media influencers this time of year.

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One New England town is keeping leaf peepers out of one particular area that has become out of control with tourists as the site has become overcrowded, unsafe and not to mention the fact that this attraction that people are drawn to is on private property. That location is Sleepy Hollow Farm in Vermont.

Tourists and social media influencers have stopped at nothing to visit Sleepy Hollow Farm as they feel it makes for the perfect fall foliage photo of New England. Neighbors of the private farm have become so disgusted with the heavy tourist activity and disruption that comes with it that the town of Pomfret has closed the road leading up to the farm to outside traffic.

As you can see from the video, the road that leads to Sleepy Hollow Farm will be reopening to outside traffic this Sunday, Oct. 15 but keep in mind, that's not an invitation for a tourist frenzy. Just a reminder, Sleepy Hollow Farm is on private property and the owners along with the surrounding neighbors wish to go about their days in a peaceful manner. Is that really too much to ask?

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