Sue Merritt of Lenox and her family are "gutted" that their dog is missing. Merritt is not only a close friend of mine, but a community heavy hitter and a downright great person.

Her dog "Stinky" has been missing since Wednesday, June 22. Passersby have spotted Stinky but have been unable to retrieve her.

The following message is from Merritt's latest Facebook post:

Nothing at all since yesterday afternoon.
If our girl is spotted please just call us and do not try to get her bc it will cause her to run.
Stinky - female
10 pounds
Two years old
Blonde hair with white spot on her chest
Super shy
My tiny terrier is wearing a peacock patterned collar with dog license, ID tag with our numbers and is microchipped.
She was seen with her collar on
We are offering a $500.00 reward
Last seen in Richmond near Dublin Road and then on Route 20 near Bate’s cemetery.
We are desperate to find her. Please share. She has been missing since Wednesday 6/22 in the late afternoon.
IF YOU SEE HER TAKE A PHOTO OF THE LOCATION, NOTE THE TIME and then alert us of the location. DO NOT APPROACH HER. She took off into the woods when she was approached. Please. #bringstinkyhome
May be an image of dog


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