We all know that the Berkshires is filled with plenty of nice houses that any home owner would gawk at. But of all those nice homes, just which one is the biggest? We found the biggest house in the Berkshires that is currently on the market. Not only is there plenty of space, but also, plenty of privacy, and all the views you could ever want!

This spot is known as 'Pine Needles', and despite the fact that it was built in 1903, it has a modern look about the home that anyone would love waking up in. As mentioned, the views are endless and are practically present in every single room in this place. It's all throughout the 13,261 square feet built on 218.11 acres of land. And the biggest home for sale in the Berkshires is available at a price of $13.5 million on Zillow.

The spot is located at 319 Under Mountain Rd in Lenox. It has seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two sleeping porches. Yes, porches where you can actually sleep comfortably. There is an eat-in kitchen and a total of 18 fireplaces. You definitely would not have any shortage of fireplaces in this massive home.

The realtor also mentioned that because of the home's builders in the early 1900s being so sports, there is areas on the property that are available for a skating rink, curling rink, a tennis court, and skeet range. Also, a stone swimming pool is located on the property. However, some of those amenities may not be pictured. But there is definitely lots of everything else to see with the biggest house on the market in the Berkshires! Let's take a look...

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