I don’t know if you noticed, but certain portions of The Bay State are getting more  congested. Translation: A 10 minute drive to anywhere statewide nowadays seems to take almost an hour. That to me is no simple arithmetic, however it could apply when driving through my ol' hometown of NYC (That is why I take public transportation when visiting the ol' haunts).


Statistics show that Massachusetts is a pretty desirable place to live. More people are falling in love with The Commonwealth, therefore they want to plant roots in this state and hence the congestion increases. But which cities and towns are growing the fastest? Look no further, we have a clear winner.


The city of Worcester (pronounced Woos-Tah) takes the top spot. The 2nd largest city statewide ranks well in business and population growth. This web site gives you a clear example on why this community is flourishing. But there are some reasons why people are moving there in droves.

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Skyline.

For starters, Worcester is only one hour away from the capital city of Boston, making the commute to work out east less cumbersome as many residents are employed in Beantown. The area is also known for its many colleges and universities and also has a robust manufacturing industry. The current population of 205,950 residents shows a major increase of 11% from 2017.

attachment-Worcester City Hall

Local residents and visitors can check out a diverse arts and entertainment scene. Worcester has a plethora of history and diverse selection of museums and entertainment venues that you can check out during your excursion as you can sample a variety of diverse arts and entertainment. Let's not forget they also have a variety of unique restaurants where you can sample the fare.

attachment-DCU Center

The DCU Center on Foster Street is also a major destination as the indoor arena and convention center complex in the downtown area hosts a variety of events, including concerts, sporting events, family shows, conventions, trade-shows and meetings.

attachment-Worcester Railers

You can also check out a Worcester Railers hockey game during the fall, winter and early spring. For a list of events, check out their web site by going here.

attachment-Worcester-Aerial View

BOTTOM LINE: Upon arrival, there is never a dull moment to experience this fantastic Bay State city in it's finest glory. I'll tag along for the road trip!

(Some information obtained in this article, regarding Worcester, Massachusetts courtesy of https://country1025.com/2023/12/massachusetts-fastest-growing-city-town-as-we-start-2024-is/)

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