Bay State residents and those in our surrounding areas who are entertaining friends and family on Christmas Day, listen up: Experts say there is some good and bad news about the cost of groceries this holiday season. Prices have gone down since this time last year as they were up 10%, but now they have only seen a 3% rise in 2023, right where overall inflation is currently positioned.

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The optimism shows us they are not rising as quickly as they were in past years, but certain products are decreasing while others are increasing depending on supply and demand issues. For example, eggs are down over 40% from last year, but due to drought conditions beef is up almost 10%.

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Overall, spending comes down to what is on YOUR grocery list. Dr. Stephanie Yates, professor of accounting and finance at UAB, cautions shoppers to try not to fall for retailers pushing certain items that they don’t need.

“You want to be careful grabbing something because it looks like a good deal. Just be very aware of your prices and needs. That’s why the price book and a shopping list are super important.”

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Statistics show the holiday season is the time of year when people tend to spend more money. The secret to success for all of our tri-state region chefs: Plan ahead and shop early which can be beneficial due to the savings and deals available. Dr. Yates also adds that buying the generic versions of products can help you save some MOOLAH, MOLLAH, MOOLAH and that is a good thing if you ask me!

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For those who don't want to cook, Target is once again repeating their successful promotion launched during Thanksgiving as the retailer is bringing back it's holiday Christmas dinner which will be available again for under $25. This includes a 6-pound smoked bone-in ham, potatoes, corn, demi French bread, cream of mushroom soup, green beans and holiday peppermint sandwich cookies. It will be ready and waiting via Target's curbside pick-up service. I call that "Convenience with a capital C!"

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BOTTOM LINE: Whether you live in Massachusetts, eastern New York or northwest Connecticut: These options are an alternative to adding more stress to your yearly get-together and think about it: you could use some of that extra money to finish your shopping. It all boils down to two words: "Common Sense!"

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