Massachusetts may soon join all the other New England states and pass a hands-free driving bill.

The Mass Senate passed the bill yesterday, one day after it passed in the House of Representatives.

The bill is now on the desk of Governor Charlie Baker awaiting his signature.

Under the bill drivers are not allowed to hold cell phones or any other electronic device while driving.

Cell Phones can be used with voice-to-text technology or Bluetooth as long as the devise is properly mounted and not just laying on a car seat or on the driver’s lap.

Drivers will be allowed a single tap or swipe to activate or deactivate hands-free mode as long as the vehicle is not in motion.  That would include making a call or using a navigation devise.

If you are bagged not following the hands-free law, a first offence will cost you $100…a second offence $250…and a third $500, plus additional insurance surcharges.

The Governor is expected to sign the bill which would go into effect 3-months later.

Offenders would have a grace period and would likely only receive a warning until March 31st.