A Massachusetts National Guard soldier has been placed on inactive status after allegedly posting inflammatory and divisive comments on social media according to a story posted on masslive.com and in The Boston Globe.

According to a report in the Globe the unidentified guardsman included the phrases… “**** your riots” adding “You’re all stupid and I can’t wait to shoot you tomorrow night.”  The Globe cited a source briefed on the situation according to masslive.com.

The alleged comments were made in regards to the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd.

In a statement posted on the Massachusetts National Guard’s Facebook page…”The Massachusetts National Guard has taken immediate action to address a Soldier’s inflammatory and divisive comments, and he has been placed on inactive status and will not serve in any capacity while this matter is under investigation.”

“The Massachusetts National Guard has a proven track record of fair and equitable service and takes pride in our diversity and inclusionary practices to support our residents in every community, and has no tolerance for this insensitive behavior.”

In a statement by Maj Gen Gary W. Keefe yesterday…“I have taken immediate action to address a Soldier’s inflammatory, insensitive, and divisive comments made regarding the protests of George Floyd’s death. The soldier in question has been placed on inactive status and will not serve in any capacity while this matter is under investigation.

The Massachusetts National Guard holds its service members to high standards. These comments are not in keeping with our values and will not be tolerated.”

In an additional post by the Guard yesterday…”It has come to our attention several fake/imposter social media accounts have been created claiming to be from the Soldier who posted the inflammatory comments. These accounts have posts claiming this Soldier will be on duty tonight. This is not true. This Soldier has been placed in an inactive status pending an investigation and will not be on duty. As we find these accounts we are alerting each social media platform to their fraudulent nature. Please send a direct message to us if you find any fraudulent pages.”  The Mass Nation Guard did not release the soldiers name or the unit in which he was based.

Members of the 104th Air National Guard unit in Westfield were deployed to Boston on Sunday to help with the rising tensions in the city according to masslive.com.

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