For some couples, naming their child can be quite simple or quite complicated with great debates and name arguments throughout the process. I have known a few couples from Massachusetts who took a while to name their children. For my wife and I, the decision was quite easy. When our daughter was born 4 years ago in Berkshire County we knew exactly what to name her because we had the name planned far ahead of time.

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Did You Know That Some Baby Names Are Going Out of Style? 

It doesn't matter what the trend is as long you and your partner are happy with the name you chose for your child. That's what is important. We'll take a look at Massachusetts' most popular names for girls between 2000 and 2009 in just a moment but if you are curious about which names are losing popularity in the 21st century, we have included that list below.

LOOK: Baby names losing popularity in the 21st century

Stacker took a look at the names losing popularity in the 21st century, using data from the Social Security Administration.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

If you are expecting a girl and are struggling to decide on what name to give her we have included a list of Massachusetts' 10 most popular girl names from 2000 - 2009 courtesy of Stacker and the Social Security Administration.

Massachusetts' 10 Most Popular Girl Names from 2000-2009

Many of these names were also in the top 10 popular girl names in Massachusetts for 2023. A few of the names that are still popular in present times include Olivia, Sophia, Emma, Isabella, and Ava. Those names are still in style at least in Massachusetts if you care about that type of thing. The name Hannah missed the top 10 by one slot. Hannah ranked at #11 and that is my daughter's name. When naming your child, keep in mind, that some names are banned in Massachusetts which you can check out by going here.

LOOK: Baby boomer baby names that have gone out of style

Using info from the Social Security Administration's baby name database, Stacker compiled a list of baby boomer baby names that have declined in popularity.

Gallery Credit: Elizabeth Jackson

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LOOK: The most popular biblical baby names

To determine the most popular biblical baby names, Stacker consulted the name origin site Behind the Name and the Social Security Administration's baby names database then ranked the top 50 names from Behind the Name's Biblical Names origins list of 564 names, based on how many babies had been given these names in 2019. Click through to find out which biblical names have stood the test of time.

Gallery Credit: ELLEN DEWITT

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