Back in the fall/winter of 2010, my wife, Amber, and I started looking at homes in Berkshire County. We had been living on the third floor of a small apartment in Lee for five years and we were ready to take the next step and become homeowners. At the request of my manager, Amber and I selected Paul Curro from Tucker Associates to explore and tour homes that were on the market at the time. Paul was excellent. He really bent over backward for us and was always available on the ready. It didn't matter the day of the week or the time of day, Paul was there for us. Those were fun times for sure.

We Explored Homes in a Few Berkshire County Towns

At our request, Paul took us to quite a few towns as we looked at homes in Lee, Great Barrington, Pittsfield, and Dalton. There may be more towns I'm leaving out but you get the idea. After looking at approximately 30 houses, we finally landed on one that we were really excited about which was located in the Orchards in Pittsfield. We're still at the same location.

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The process was obviously new for us but it was also exciting. We checked off all of the boxes. Everything from the inspection, to closing to moving day, the process went off without a hitch. Even though I'm not looking to move, sometimes I think it would be fun just to go to open houses and see what's out there since it was such a fun experience the first time around.

With all of this homebuying reminiscing, I recently saw online what the current closing costs are for the State of Massachusetts. Just in case you're looking to buy/sell a home in the Bay State these figures can give you a good idea of what you'll be kicking in toward closing costs.

How Much are Current Closing Costs in the State of Massachusetts? 

A June 2022 article from clever reports that you'll pay around 0.9% of your home's final sale price in seller closing costs when you sell a home in Massachusetts. For a $577,676 home — the median home value in Massachusetts — you'd pay around $5,349. Buyers and sellers share the burden of paying for closing costs at the end of a home sale, but they won’t pay for the same things. In some cases, the buyer will cover closing costs. In other cases, the seller may pay them. You can get a breakdown of costs and read more by going here.

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