I just got the text reminding me of my upcoming cleaning at the dentist. I try to go every six months, but at the very least, I go once a year. I don't love tooth pain. I bet you don't either.

A few years ago during a routine cleaning with X-Rays, my dentist found something pretty rare in my mouth, something I didn't know was possible!

I Have 8 Wisdom Teeth.

Howard Farran Facebook
Howard Farran Facebook

"Did you know, you have 8 wisdom teeth?", she asked me. I didn't think that was possible. I just assumed we all had just 4. I didn't think people's jaws were long enough lol. It's a thing though, albeit super rare.

Just How Rare Is It?

In my work seeing thousands of patients I personally I have seen quite a few patients that have DOUBLE wisdom teeth. That’s a total of eight wisdom teeth! There are some extreme cases where people have even more. These cases are rare though, and you would be quite unique to fall into this category. In fact its around one or two people per hundred that have these extra wisdom teeth. -oraluxdental.com

At the office I go to, some hygienists were chatting about how they've NEVER seen it before. Luckily for me, and I hope this will remain the case, is that they seen to be below the gum line and with no need for immediate extraction.

Of course I had to ask my dentist if that was the reason why I had so much wisdom for a 42 year-old. She said, "No". 😁

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