One thing that I loved doing prior to the pandemic was going to the movies. My wife and I used to go to Regal Cinemas in the Berkshire Mall from time to time. We just loved the whole movie-going experience from ordering the tickets on the app to going to the theater and of course ordering popcorn and some candy. You gotta love those movie theater treats. We'll start going to some Berkshire County theaters again but we're just not there yet.

Speaking of treats. Everyone has their favorite candy, snack, etc. Yes, they may not be the healthiest choices but we are all allowed to have a treat once in a while especially if we are participating in some type of activity like going to the movies or attending a birthday party, or going out trick-or-treating with the kids. Yes, we adults love those delicious treats too. Don't deny it. You know you do.

Massachusetts' Most Popular Junk Food May Surprise You

As a matter of fact, Americans are such fans of tasty treats that Eat This, Not That!  recently published an article featuring the most popular junk food in each state. Now that's fun. The study was conducted and compiled from data via Google Trends. Before we get to Massachusetts, here's a list of the most popular junk foods from some of the states that neighbor Massachusetts (by the way, you can check out Massachusetts' favorite pizza topping by going here). 

  • Connecticut and New Jersey - They love their Oreos
  • Maine and Rhode Island - They like a little salt in their treats as Ritz Crackers wins the prize for those two states.
  • New Hampshire - This state loves chocolate and coconut which means Almond Joy is the winner.
  • New York - They are into cookies just like Connecticut and New Jersey but for the Empire State it's Chips Ahoy.
  • Vermont - Muffins (not too much to say there)
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And what is the most popular junk food in Massachusetts?

I can get behind Nestle Crunch winning out for Massachusetts. I used to love getting Buncha Crunch when I went to the movies. So, what do you think? Should Crunch be the winner for Massachusetts or would you choose something else? You can view all 50 states' most popular junk food snacks by going here.

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