A fun pastime of mine is checking out what weird laws are still on the books in Massachusetts. Technically known as "Blue" laws, these laws were passed way back when and may have made sense at one particular time but many of these laws today are either outdated, no longer enforced, or never really made sense when they originally went into effect.

Some "Weird" Massachusetts Laws Do Make Sense

There are some Massachusetts Blue Laws that actually make sense, at least to me. The Massachusetts law prohibiting people from giving alcohol to hospital patients seems like a no-brainer. Wouldn't you agree? Read more about that one by going here. Another one that I get is the Massachusetts pigeon law. The only thing that is weird about this particular law is why it's specifically written about pigeons or is it? Get all of the details on that law by going here.

Other Massachusetts Laws Will Have You Scratching Your Head

There are some laws that are just bizarre and one has to wonder why they are on the books in Massachusetts including the infamous goatee law or the snoring law. Yeah, these are pretty weird but funny.

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Have You Heard About This Massachusetts Hotel Law? 

Another Massachusetts law that I recently stumbled upon on the National Police Association's website that some may find weird is a Massachusetts hotel law. According to the website, in Massachusetts, you may not check into a hotel under a name other than your own. This law though a bit strict, kind of makes sense to me due to the potential for fraud. What are your thoughts and have you ever tried breaking this Massachusetts law? If so, what was your punishment?

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