USA Today has just named a hotel in Massachusetts among the 'Best Waterfront Hotels in the Country'! What's even better is that the selection for this particular distinction was selected by readers. It's almost like a People's Choice type of award. So, where is this waterfront hotel located within Massachusetts, that is so great, it's among the best in the country?

Considering the hotel has to be on the waterfront, you would think that there is a good chance that this place could be in the eastern region of the state, especially with the likes of Cape Cod being such an attractive spot to travel to. Sure enough, this waterfront hotel, which ranks among the top five in the U.S., is located in a town within Cape Cod. That town is also in the hotel's name. The Chatham Bars Inn is ranked #4 among the 'Best Waterfront Hotels in the U.S.' in the country.

Here's what USA Today had to say about the Chatham Bars Inn being selected as #4 among the 'Best Waterfront Hotels in the Country':

With a quarter-mile private beach and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, this classic New England destination has welcomed guests to Cape Cod since 1914. With 25 landscaped acres, poolside and beachfront cabanas and lounges, cottages, and five dining options, there’s a lot to enjoy. Settle into an Adirondack chair, stroll into town, or get out on the water to watch the whales.

This incredible looking hotel looks like it would be an unreal spot to stay at. And definitely a getaway within our state that is worthy of being selected for such an accolade as one of the 'Best Waterfront Hotels in the Country'. After all, Summer's not exactly over yet, Massachusetts! It could be time for another road trip!

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