Throughout the entire New England region, the food scene is probably as unique as it is anywhere in the country. And Massachusetts just happens to be at the heart of those unique New England food scenes. But what about the small towns across the states in the region that have their own unique food scene? It just so happens that there is a small town in Massachusetts that has one of the best food scenes in America.

The national publication, 'USA Today', has published their 10 Best Readers' Choice: Best Small Town Food Scenes in the United StatesSure enough, Massachusetts had a spot that came in at #3 on the list. So, where could this small town with a food scene that drew so much acclaim be located? You would have to travel to Middlesex County to find that answer in the town of Ayer, MA.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A '10 Best Expert' for USA Today, Chez Chesak, who happens to be from Ayer, pointed out the array of dining options throughout the small town. That includes Japanese and Korean restaurants. USA Today also had to say this about Ayer being #3 on their 'Best Small Town Food Scenes in the United States':

...Among the top-rated restaurants in the area are Lucia’s Tavola (a great date spot serving up Italian-American favorites), Woo Jung (featuring a large menu of traditional Korean dishes) and the no-frills but always-delicious Ruby Donut.


  • Lucia's Tavola
  • Woo Jung

Of course, if you don't want to take their word for it, you can always go on Yelp and check out what some reviews said in terms of the best restaurants in Ayer. While USA Today's '10 Best' did point out three of their top five, it's clear there is quite the variety of spots in Ayer that at least look pretty good.

  • Bar 25

  • Osawa Japanese Bistro

So, it seems that Massachusetts has one of the best small town food scenes throughout the entire U.S. That looks like one more in-state road trip to put on the agenda. Just be sure to bring your appetite.

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