We all know that Massachusetts is filled with plenty of fantastic restaurants and amazing eateries throughout the state. A lot of these spots have made quite the name for themselves in a traditional sense. They seem to have a cult-like following to some extent. But what about those 'hidden gems' that may not get the same recognition as some of the other well known great restaurants in the state. As it turns out, Massachusetts has a restaurant that ranks among the best hidden gems in the U.S.

The popular travel publication, 'Tripadvisor', recently released their Travelers' Choice Best of the Best awards, which were categorically broken down into sub-categories. One of those was the awards for Best Hidden Gems in the U.S. when it comes to restaurants. Among their 'Top 25' list was a restaurant in Massachusetts, known as The Barn Bowl & Bistro.

The Barn Bowl & Bistro is located in Oaks Bluff on Martha's Vineyard. The spot is typically known for its Shrimp Tempura, Prime Rib, and Burger. This, all according to Tripadvisor. Here's how reviewer, Marshall K described the hidden gem:

Been here many times and gave tried most of the food on the menu. It is all good. Fried chicken is outstanding.
Most people might think food in a bowling alley is not that good. Not the case here. It is the number one rated restaurant in the town. A little busy at times, but we’ll worth the wait.
Try it. You will not be disappointed

Oh and by the way, you can go bowling there too!

It seems like a spot that's family-friendly, has great food and entertainment, and perhaps is good spot for a date night. Either way, it serves up big portions of local cuisine at affordable prices, according to Tripadvisor. And it's also one of the best hidden gems in the U.S. Give it a try when you're out there, Massachusetts!

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