I look back fondly at my college days. I attended two Massachusetts schools including Berkshire Community College (BCC) in Pittsfield for my first two years and then attended Westfield State University (then Westfield State College) where I received my B.A. in Mass Communications. Both colleges are excellent Massachusetts colleges in my opinion.

During college, I spent much of my time at both locations working on audio and video production-type projects. Whether it was producing some role-play skits in the business world, creating music videos, or producing and recording public service announcements and spec commercials, audio and video production studios are where you could find me on many days and nights, particularly at Westfield. Another aspect that I loved at Westfield is that I was able to have a show on the college's radio station WSKB/89.5FM. That station was one of my first tastes of radio. I loved it.

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From My Experience, Both Massachusetts Colleges Were Very Safe and Had Friendly Environments 

The other aspect that made both BCC and Westfield strong and attractive to me is that they were both safe campuses. They weren't too big and the college community provided a friendly atmosphere at both locations. Without question, it was very much a stress-free time during my younger years.

By the Way, the Safest College in Massachusetts is the Second Safest in America

If you are seriously thinking about where you want to attend college and safety is one of your priorities, you may want to check out Bay Path University which is located in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. According to an article on the college's website, not only is Bay Path the safest college in Massachusetts but it's the second safest college in America for 2023. The study and ranking were put together by Niche.com. All aspects of crime at Bay Path's campus are extremely low as campus safety is a very high priority. This is something to think about as you are visiting and applying for colleges. You can get more details and read the entire article by going here.

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