Massachusetts residents know all too well about long, tough winters. The snow can really fly here in New England and though it is rare, there have been years that winter storms have popped up in October. Preparedness is key when winter makes its way to Massachusetts.

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How Will You Be Preparing Your Tires for Winter Driving in Massachusetts? 

One thing that will be coming up soon is Massachusetts residents will be able to prepare their vehicles for old man winter by installing studded snow tires on their vehicles. Legally, you can drive with studded snow tires on your vehicle from the first of November to the end of April.

Are Studded Snow Tires Required By Law in Massachusetts? 

Keep in mind, that you are not required by law to have studs on your tires during the winter months as using all-season tires is fine. However, if you are someone who travels through rough terrain, hills, and mountains (which we have plenty of in Massachusetts) or drives during treacherous winter conditions, you may want to consider adding studded snow tires to your vehicle.

As a Massachusetts Resident, I Thanked Myself Many Times for Having Studded Snow Tires on My Car Back in the Day

I used to drive to the Town of Florida from North Adams during my younger days to visit my girlfriend and I was very happy that I had studded snow tires on my car back then. Crawling up the Mohawk Trail and Hairpin Turn during the winter months is not a fun task but having studded snow tires on my vehicle made the drive a bit more manageable. Winter's coming. Will you be adding studded snow tires to your vehicle this year?

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