Massachusetts definitely has some of the most unique town names of any state. Some town names are so distinctively unique that plenty of residents don't know how to pronounce them. Many towns in the Bay State begin with the four directions: North, East, West, and South. There are even 19 towns throughout the Bay State that end in 'ham'. But throughout all the crazy, unique, eccentric, and bizarre town names in Massachusetts, there are even some that just don't sound like they are towns that should exist in the Bay State whatsoever!

Like a word association game, there are definitely certain things that come to mind when you see a city or town name. You may even envision what exactly that town might be like if you lived there or if you're just passing through that spot.

With the state of Massachusetts having such a rich history, it is often easy to see how any town throughout the Bay State may have originally gotten its name. Perhaps it was named for a historical figure or event that spawned its given name. For some of these, that is case as well. But despite that, when you see the town name, you might just think of something else that likely has nothing to do with the state of Massachusetts.

That's exactly what you get when you see these towns that don't exactly sound like they should be in Massachusetts. You would think they are definitely located in other spots around the U.S. For some, maybe they sound like something from another country, for that matter. In any event, here are 10 towns in the Bay State that don't sound like they're in Massachusetts at all...

10 MA Towns That Don't Sound Like They're in Massachusetts

Gallery Credit: Google Maps

19 Massachusetts Towns That End In 'ham'

Gallery Credit: Google Maps

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