As we have mentioned in the past, Massachusetts, Berkshire County in particular, has a lot of talent right under our noses. Berkshire folks tend to give celebrities their space. I mean think about it, that's probably part of the reason why celebrities choose to live and/or visit the Berkshires. In addition to the beauty of the four seasons and the rich culture that our county has to offer, the Berkshires are probably attractive to famous folks because they don't have to worry about paparazzi chasing them down the streets and hiding out waiting to snap photos of them. That has to be pretty annoying but then again that comes with being famous.

Which Massachusetts Celebrities' Net Worth Have We Featured So Far?  

Over the past few months, we have been looking at some Massachusetts and Berkshire County-related celebrities and what their net worths are for 2022/2023. We have been doing this for fun as people tend to seem interested and curious as to what folks in Hollywood are worth and how much they make. Some of the celebrities who we have featured in the past include James Taylor, Mark Whalberg, and Elizabeth Banks.  Are you surprised over which of these three has the biggest net worth or is it no surprise at all?

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Now, It's Time to Feature Another Massachusetts-Born (Berkshire County) Celebrity and His Net Worth for 2023

Another Massachusetts celebrity that has been getting some attention lately is Berkshire County-born 'Friends' sensation, Matthew Perry. Perry's memoir "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing" is out now and has been a topic of interest in the media lately. As mentioned Perry was born right here in beautiful Berkshire County, Williamstown to be exact. According to Wealthy Gorilla, Perry's net worth for 2023 is $120 million. There's no doubt that "Friends" was good to him. Does that figure surprise you?


"Friends" aired on NBC for 10 seasons beginning in 1994 and we here in the Berkshires are glad to call Chandler Bing (Perry) one of our own.

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