It’s almost vacation season and throughout the Berkshires, plans are being made for this year’s family vacation.  The planning can be fun and exciting as the possibilities are endless no matter if it’s a weekend away or a much-deserved weeklong chill.

Massachusetts is home to the 3rd most expensive Airbnb in the country

Motels and hotels are boring and make it difficult to accommodate families or a group of friends wanting something more than a bed and a bathroom. Airbnb vacation stays have not only made the vacation fun and different, but the amazing variety of Airbnbs to choose from makes the planning a fun and thought-provoking part of the process.  Whether it’s a treehouse in upstate New York, a tiny house in Vermont, or a Victorian beach house on Nantucket there’s an Airbnb out there for you.

As you search the internet for the perfect landing spot you are sure to go down the rabbit hole looking at properties that are way out of your budget.  The more you click the more outrageous the prices get.  It’s always fun to dream and thanks to the team at Joybird, the makers of custom-made furniture, they did the research for you and compiled a list of the most expensive Airbnbs in every state.

Here in Massachusetts, you will be blown away by the price tag of the most expensive Airbnb in the state.  The 3rd most expensive according to the Joybird study.  Get out your credit card and book a 3-night stay on the Cape in Edgartown for $34,235.  It sleeps 8 so split that with your closest friends or family members and it will only cost $4,404 per guest.

The most expensive Airbnb to stay in the U.S. according to the Joybird study is in California where it will run $15,000 a night to stay in Yountville (where ever that is) on a manicured 22-acre Estate.  The 2nd most expensive Airbnb in the country is a 95-foot yacht in Juneau Alaska and will run $34,000 for a 3-night stay.

Lots of other mind-blowing properties to check out as you plan for your more modest accommodations for this summer’s getaway.  Click on this Joybird link for the complete list of "The Most Expensive Airbnb in Every U.S. State."

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