If you're looking to buy a home Massachusetts may be a state that you want to look into especially if you are starting a family. Massachusetts has been recognized as the top state for raising a family by Wallet Hub. The site used five key dimensions including family fun, health & safety, education & child care, affordability, and socio-economics.

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With Massachusetts being recognized as the best state to raise a family it's no surprise that two of the state's cities placed in the top six of most in-demand neighborhoods for 2024 according to Bet Ohio.

Which Two Massachusetts Cities Ranked in the Top 6 of Most In-Demand Neighborhoods in the Nation?

Worcester entered the list at #6. Massachusetts' second-biggest city has a demand score of 93.69.

  • Median Days on Market: 40.50
  • Demand Index Score: 88.51

Worcester is Also the Biggest Boomtown in Massachusetts

Worcester is also the biggest boomtown or fastest-growing city in Massachusetts. According to GoBankingRates, Worcester is the fastest-growing city in Massachusetts due to the city's rapid business and population growth which means plenty of career opportunities that can aid in making the dream of having a home and family a reality.

The city of Springfield is the 5th in-demand neighborhood in America according to Bet Ohio. Massachusetts' third-biggest city has a demand score of 95.77.

  • Median Days on Market: 39.48
  • Demand Index Score: 90.55

Here's Bet Ohio's review of Springfield:

Finally, Springfield, MA, rounds out the five most in-demand metro neighborhoods - known for its rich history, diverse culture, and affordability. Homes here sell for an average of $278,500 in Springfield, and most remain on the market for just 39.5 days.

Springfield is Also the Third Best Place to Live on a Social Security Check in Massachusetts

It's also worth noting that according to GoBanking Rates, Springfield is the third best place to live on social security in Massachusetts (Pittsfield being #2 and Chicopee being #1).

  • Average rent: $1,582.17
  • Average total monthly cost of living: $3,352.18
  • Livability score: 74

Living in Springfield is Ideal for a Variety of Ages

Not only is Springfield a great option for younger folks who want to live in Massachusetts, but the city is also a viable choice for folks on the opposite end of the spectrum. By the way, another Massachusetts metro area ranked #10 on Bet Ohio's list of most in-demand neighborhoods in the U.S. You can check it out along with the entire list by going here.

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