Massachusetts has some of the finest universities and higher education institutions in America, with places like Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (both in Cambridge), Boston University (Boston), Tufts University (Medford), etc., it's no surprise that young adults looking to further their education flock to Massachusetts to get accepted to one of these fine colleges.

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While these schools offer some of the best educational programs in the nation, two of them have been recognized among the most photogenic in America, and one of those two around the world.

Massachusetts's Most Photogenic Universities Rank High Among America's Top 10

Immerse Education analyzed a seed list of top universities in North America and around the world based on the number of Instagram and TikTok posts for each, revealing which have captured the hearts (and cameras) of students the most. Two Massachusetts universities landed on the list of most photogenic universities in America taking the #3 and #5 positions. In addition, one of those two Massachusetts universities landed on the list of the most photogenic universities in the world. 

Massachusetts is Home to Two of the Most Photogenic Universities in America...One is Ranked High Among The World's Most Photographed

#5 in America - Boston University, Boston, MA

Boston University takes the #5 position as one of the most photogenic universities in the US. Boston has 272,578 Instagram posts and 15,800 TikTok posts.

#3 in America and #4 in the World - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Not only is Harvard #3 on the list of most photogenic universities in the US, but the school is also the fourth most photogenic university in the world raking in 318,466 Instagram posts and 23,100 TikTok posts.

Sean Stevens, CEO at Immerse Education Shares His Top Tips for Students to Choose the Perfect Summer School This Year:

For ambitious students, summer school can be a launchpad for academic growth. It’s important to do your research and pick one that’s right for you. Find a summer school program that aligns with your goals, whether it's diving deeper into a favorite subject, exploring a potential college major, or pushing yourself with challenging new courses. You should also consider your learning style, and choose a format that works for you – do you thrive in a traditional classroom setting, or are you interested in a more hands-on experience? Location matters too – prestigious campuses, bustling cities, or even international programmes all offer unique experiences. And remember, summer school isn't just academics. Look for programmes with extracurricular activities to create a well-rounded learning experience.

You can check out both lists and which university took the top spot by going here.

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