Massachusetts is known for many things. It's a state known for its rich history, beautiful scenery, world-renowned colleges, and iconic sports teams, but one thing Massachusetts is not known for is its love of dogs.

Yup, that's right, Massachusetts hates dogs. Well, not exactly, but they aren't nearly as popular in the Bay State as they are elsewhere. According to Forbes, 66% of households in the United States own dogs, yet only 24% of households in Massachusetts have dogs, a nationwide low.

Despite Massachusetts having the lowest rate of dog owners in the country, our furry friends are definitely still loved by its residents. Every county in Massachusetts has at least three dog parks and many more in the more populated areas.

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in Massachusetts, followed by Golden Retrievers and the Boston Terrier. Recently there has been a spike in the popularity of crossbreeds like Golden Doodles and Labradoodles as well.

Dog owners know that each pup has its own individual personality and no two are the same. However, lots of dogs have the same NAME. With the help of the database of dog licenses in Massachusetts, we took a look at the most popular dog names in Massachusetts, did yours make the list? Or is it so unique that it's truly one of a kind?

What are the Most Popular Dogs Names in Massachusetts?

Top Female Dog Names in Massachusetts

  1. LUNA
  2. BELLA
  3. DAISY
  4. LUCY
  5. LOLA
  6. PENNY
  7. ROSIE
  10. SADIE
  11. MOLLY
  12. RUBY
  13. CHLOE
  14. COCO
  15. MAGGIE
  16. LILY
  17. MILLIE
  18. SOPHIE
  19. OLIVE
  20. WINNIE
  21. PEPPER
  22. LULU
  23. WILLOW
  24. ELLIE
  25. PIPER

Top 25 Male Dog Names in Massachusetts

  3. TEDDY
  4. MAX
  5. FINN
  7. MILO
  9. ROCKY
  10. OLLIE
  11. LOUIE
  12. TOBY
  13. GUS
  14. HENRY
  15. BUDDY
  16. TUCKER
  17. ARCHIE
  18. LEO
  19. JACK
  20. BEAR
  21. BRUNO
  22. ZIGGY
  24. DUKE

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