There are so many reasons why someone would choose to live where they do.  People that haven’t found a way to appreciate the wonders of winter might choose to live in the Florida heat.  The more adventurous type if they had a choice would gravitate towards a place that might offer a change of seasons like the Berkshires.

Many of us that live in the Berkshires are here by choice.  We love the variety our great Berkshire communities have to offer.  From the quaint vibe of Great Barrington to the city feel of Pittsfield to the mountainous splendor of North Adams, the Berkshires is a great place to live.

Each season offers new possibilities for fun and outdoor activities.  On a sunny summer day, you can be in a boat on Onota Lake and four months later be fishing in an ice shanty on the same lake.  On Mount Greylock, you can take in the wonder of nature coming alive in the spring and five months later gaze at the explosion of colors in the fall.

No one outside of New England can truly appreciate the change of seasons as we do here in the northeast.  Sure, other parts of the country experience changes but here in the Berkshires spring, summer, winter, and fall and all very distinctive from each other.

A recent study by a Dutch flower bulb company Breck’s set out to discover the most popular season in every state.  If you ask someone in the middle of a 10-day heatwave what their favorite season is winter might get a few more votes than if you ask the same person in the middle of January.  But I must say the methodology based on Google trends from December 2017 to December 2021 certainly gave the Breck’s study a large sample size.

According to Breck’s study in Massachusetts, the favorite season is Summer.  Summer was #1 in the majority of New England states.  In addition to Massachusetts landing in the top spot in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  New Hampshire and Maine love Autumn while ski country in Vermont hands-down loves Winter.


New England states bucked the most popular season according to the study.  In a landslide 39 states and Washing D.C. loves Spring over all the other seasons.  A very distant Summer picked up 6 states…Autumn with 3 and Winter with only 2.

Click on this link to “The Most Popular Season in Every U.S. State” by Breck’s and discover some other fascinating insights into the country’s preference of heat vs. cold and favorite foods and activities of the seasons.  Some of the findings in the study may surprise you.

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