The big water cooler talk in Berkshire County and in local social media groups as of late is the fact that Michael Douglas has recently been in the Berkshires filming scenes for his new movie "Blood Knot." Douglas has been filming scenes for the movies at the Rusty Anchor Marina and Pub in Pittsfield. Other filming locations include Benedict Pond at Beartown State Forest in Monterey as well as Onota and Potoosuc lakes which are both located in Pittsfield. You can check out more details and view photos of Douglas and son Cameron by going here.

When it Comes to Filming Movies in the Berkshires, Hollywood Seems to Make its Way Back to Our Beautiful Area 

It's not that rare that Hollywood is attracted to the Berkshires when it comes to filming scenes for upcoming movies. One well-known movie that was shot in the Berkshires back in the '90s was "The Cider House Rules" starring Toby Maguire, Paul Rudd, Michael Caine, and Charlize Theron among others. That film contained scenes that were shot at Ventfort Hall in Lenox. How about "The Human Stain" starring Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, and Ed Harris? Scenes from that film were shot in Williamstown.

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There have been several other movies that were filmed in Berkshire County as well including Daddy's Home 2 starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, John Cena, John Lithgow, and Mel Gibson. Scenes from the movie were filmed a handful of years ago in Great Barrington. As previously stated, there have been several movies filmed in Berkshire County over the years and you can now add "Blood Knot" to that list. Let's take a look at 18 movies that were filmed in the Berkshires. Of course "Blood Knot" would make 19.

Movies Filmed in the Berkshires

Are there any movies that we may have missed? If so, give us a shout and we will add them to the list. Happy watching.

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