One of the more popular establishments in the Berkshires recently announced that they have a second location opening up in the region. And now their new location will be hosting a soft opening this week.

This past month, we learned that Jae's at the Hilton Garden Inn would be opening a new location. If you're familiar with Jae's at the Hilton, then you already know about their Award Winning Pan-Asian Cuisine and how fantastic it is. But now, they are bringing a different type of cuisine to their new spot in Pittsfield.

According to, Jae's Grill plans to a soft opening around mid-week. While they will still serve up their Pan-Asian Cuisine at their Hilton Garden Inn location, their new location on 7 Winter St. in Pittsfield will feature upscale American Cuisine.

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The owner, Jae Chung, also noted that it's perfect timing for a new restaurant in Berkshire County. The hours for the new spot in Pittsfield will be from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, they will extend it to 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. and 3 to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

It was just weeks ago that Jae's at the Hilton Garden Inn took to their social media to announce the new Pittsfield location.

Jae's Executive Chef Ronald Reda also told that the theme of the new spot will be similar to that of a steakhouse, but not exactly.

I think you need something upscale but casual... We're still going to have really good steaks, we're still going to have some really good options but I didn't want to label it as a steak house so I said upscale American grill.

Their full bar will also include 40 different types of wine. The new spot will also have an upstairs featuring a large room that will be available for events. Catering may also be available in the future, but for now, the focus is their opening.

One great thing about Jae's at the Hilton Garden Inn has always been the overall atmosphere at that location. The vibe has always felt festive. Not only that, but the food and drinks are fantastic! If you've never been, check out their social media, which shows off plenty of their menu items, along with their drinks.

You can check out their full menu at the link provided here.

If their new spot is anything like the quality of the establishment that Jae's at the Hilton Garden Inn has brought to the Berkshires, then Jae's Grille will be an awesome new joint to head to for everyone!

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