There is a brewery that is literally in the process of making its way into the Berkshires. And its location couldn't be any more central to the region as it is moving into downtown Pittsfield on North Street.

As someone living near the spot, with an affinity for craft beer, I couldn't be more excited when I walked past a flatbed truck with what look like beer fermenting equipment being moved into the back of the Onota Building in downtown Pittsfield. The new brewery recently took to social media to document their move-in progress.

Hot Plate Brewing Company is literally moving into downtown Pittsfield in the backside of the Onota Building at 74 North Street. The woman you see in the social media posts on the Hot Plate Brewing Co. Facebook page is Sarah Real. She and Mike Dell'Aquila are the co-founders of the brewing company. According to their website, they began brewing their beer on, you guessed it, a hot plate.

Their story on their website, as well as the details on Instagram are very inspiring! They tell you exactly what went into making Hot Plate Brewing Company a reality and what they had to go through practically every step of the way. Not only that, but based on the music playlist in one of their Instagram posts, you can bet the new establishment will have a banging soundtrack to drink to.

Welcome to Pittsfield and to the Berkshires, Hot Plate Brewing Company! We can't wait for your opening date!

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