There's nothing quite like a Colonial home in Massachusetts. So many of them have such a rich history, given their age. That being said, you might be surprised that there are some that can cost as much as $2 million. The features of one in particular caught the eye of the national publication, 'The New York Times'. The Massachusetts Colonial home was a main feature in their write-up.

The specific article was titled '$2 Million Homes in Washington, New Mexico, and Massachusetts'. The Massachusetts Colonial home used was built in 1750 and has some amazing modern features that the term 'Colonial' nor the look of the outside, do justice. The four bedroom, two and a half bathroom house is was built on just 0.1 acre, with a total of 3,891 square feet and makes up for everything it lacks from the outside on the inside.

'The New York Times' gave a brief background on the home that is filled with some pretty impressive history:

This house, once the home and workshop of a blacksmith, is within walking distance of several historic sites: Main Street and Old Hill Burying Ground, a Colonial-era cemetery, are a block away; Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott and Ralph Waldo Emerson are buried, is a few blocks beyond that. A bookstore, a cheese shop and a number of cafes are all within a five-minute walk, and the Concord Center for Visual Art is in the 18th-century home next door.

The Landmark Concord Center Home is located at 29 Lexington Rd in Concord. and is being sold by the Attias Group for exactly $2 million. After reading that, the only left to do is show you what's on the inside. Let's take a look:

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