You may be looking around your house or apartment and thinking to yourself that you need to make some space. It's always a good feeling when you can donate some items to those in need while tidying up your living quarters. You may remember, that we released an article that featured items that are not accepted by Massachusetts Goodwill Stores, if you missed that one, you can check it out by going here. How about the Salvation Army?

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Which Items Can't Be Donated to The Salvation Army in Massachusetts? 

If you choose to donate goods to the Salvation Army, we thought it would be helpful to let you know which items aren't accepted. After all, there are Salvation Army locations all throughout Massachusetts including Pittsfield, Westfield, Hadley, Springfield, Greenfield, Turners Falls, Gardner, Worcester, Webster, Spencer, Fitchburg, and many more (find a Salvation Army location near you by going here). Knowing what you can donate and cannot donate ahead of time will save you time and a headache. So let's take a look at which items are not accepted at the Salvation Army in Massachusetts.

Items That Aren't Accepted for Donation at the Salvation Army

You can learn about which items you can donate to the Salvation Army along with a donation value guide which is used to help you determine the approximate tax-deductible value for those items along with the estimated low and high value of each item by going here. It's time to get your living space organized while supporting others in need. Happy donating.

18 Items That Massachusetts Goodwill Shops Don't Accept

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