Another longtime listener and beloved friend of southern Berkshire County and WSBS, Norman Pelletier Sr. passed away on Oct. 6 after a seven-year battle with cancer. Many southern Berkshire residents remember Norm from his Norm's Bait and Tackle location on Rossiter Street in Great Barrington. In addition, Norm was known for many more aspects.

The Southern Berkshires Loved Norm...How Could You Not?

As previously mentioned, Norm was a longtime listener of WSBS Radio. The staff always had the pleasure of chit-chatting with Norm when he stopped by the station. Norm would drop off public service announcements, and local birthdays and purchase tickets for various raffles which would support families and children throughout south Berkshire County. In addition, Norm would consistently donate to community causes during radiothons that the station hosted throughout the years.

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Folks Would See Norm Out in About in the south Berkshires...He Always Seemed Happy

The times that I would be out on location broadcasting from live events, I would see Norm. Norm was always in a great mood. His happiness and joy were infectious. He was so kind and easy to talk to. There's no question, that many people here in southern Berkshire county knew and loved Norm. He was a true pillar of the community and he will be greatly missed.

It's Time for the Berkshire Community to Come Together as Norm's Family Needs Your Support

Norm's family is trying to round up some funds to make sure that Norm has the proper send-off that he deserves. The family is hoping, if possible, that you can make a donation to the cause. Norm's family has set up a GoFundMe page where you can make a donation. The page notes that you can donate in person as well during Norm's celebration of life at the end of October. You can get complete details by going here.

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