Join Whoopee this Saturday at Ronnie’s Harley Davidson.  Whoopee will be broadcasting between 1pm and 3pm from Ronnie’s at 501 Wahconah Street in Pittsfield.  If you’ve purchased a new Harley from Ronnie’s over the summer you are qualified to win a trip for two on the High Seas Rally Cruise in October.  The winner of that cruise will be pulled randomly around 2pm on Saturday.

Ronnie’s is celebrating their 65th year in the Harley family.  Ronnie converted an old chicken coop on his grandmother’s farm in Adams and started his Harley Davidson relationship and grew the operation to one of the oldest Harley dealerships in the country.

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned Harley, service, parts, or Harley swag, Ronnie’s is the place to go.  There is a Harley for every rider’s style, ability, and need.  The legendary brand with models that turn heads and that fill the air with a rumbling sound as distinct as your mother’s voice.  The Street Glide, Road King, Heritage Classic, Fat Boy, Low Rider, Softail, and Sportster to mention a few.

New to Harley this year is their entry into the world of adventure touring with the release of the Pan America.  A versatile bike that can handle the smoothest winding road to the dirt of desert terrain.  If you want to go full-on electric, Harley has the Livewire that will have you smiling as you pass every gas station with the full performance you would expect from a Harley.

So, carve out some time this Saturday and join the fun at Ronnie’s as they celebrate their 65th with great deals throughout the dealership, free burgers, and the legendary motorcycle brand that is celebrated by millions of riders each day.

Ronnie’s Haley Davidson is located at 501 Wahconah Street in Pittsfield.  Check out their website at  Whoopee FM will be broadcasting at Ronnie’s today between 1 and 3.

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