Family man, North Adams City Councilman, and from everyone who I have spoken with says he is a great guy and gives his all to the City Of North Adams.

I have to ask, this is your 3rd term on the city council. what do you think is some of the major changes that have happened and are going to happen to North Adams?

Over my time so far on the council, we've seen a ton of changes. Some very challenging such as the closure of NARH and others very exciting like skate parking, the development of GreylockWORKS, the TOURISTS hotel, and the opening of Building 6 at MASS MoCA. In less physical/tangible ways, I think we've really seen a surge in local pride that has come to the forefront of local initiatives and also put us in the spotlight amongst various national media sources.
Going forward, I only see that local pride and local drive continuing to be a key component to grassroots endeavors and spirited creative thinking about how we will continue to maintain the qualities we all love here in North Adams, while also welcoming and embracing the new people and ideas joining our fine city.
He also said,
Things like the 2.0 version of The Green as a community space on Main Street, the future build out of the Eagle Street Hotel project, and the ongoing culture of artists and creatives are a few examples of things on the verge.
What are some of the groups and events that you help out with?

I'm involved tangentially in a huge number things, but the things where I put the majority of my "spare time" and energy are North Adams City Council, the NAMAzing Initiative, the North Adams Partnership, the North Adams Exchange, and the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition.

I don't know where he finds to be a part of so many groups! A person making a positive difference in the Berkshires & North Adams.

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