I keep finding more great people in Berkshire County, so I have decided to delve into some of the folks who are helping make the Berkshires a better place.

The first person is none other than the owner Desperados and a person who helps out in many ways in North Adams Pete Oleskiewicz.

_3 Pete Oleskiewicz

Some of the other things that he does that you might not know about is helping out at the roots teen center on Eagle Street when they need something He will try to get it for them.

Plus on the third Friday of each month, Pete provides all of the food for their open mic night, and he will sit there a little bit here and there just and takes the time to talk to the kids. The restaurant pretty much occupies all of my time, but I tried to volunteer and donate what I can.

Pete says it best:

If you're in this business to get rich, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. I so love North Adams, and I love to give back as much as I can. That is what makes us a community.

I asked Pete about all the changes coming to the Eagle street area. He replied:

I totally embrace the parklet. It has definitely been receiving mixed reviews. I spent quite a bit of time out there yesterday cleaning it and getting the lighting operational. So many people were out on their afternoon or evening walks and stopped to ask what it was all about. Everybody thought it was such a cool idea.


I have spoken with other restaurant owners on the street and they are all on board. This will be beneficial to all of us, but mostly Jacks hot dogs. We all know that when we go to Jacks the counter is packed, so now you can grab your hot dogs and fries and enjoy eating them on the parklet. I offer take out as well at Desperados.


I love being part of the Eagle Street business community, everyone of us frequent each other's businesses. On paper we are competition, but as people, we support each other, to me that shows sense of community. Now with the addition of a 27 room Hotel on the street, that only adds to more foot traffic on a once forgotten Street. Soon we will all be receiving period signage, and I will be having a mural installed in the alley on the end of my building compliments of the Eagle Street initiative, who is also responsible for the pocket park and the parklet.


None of this would be possible without the hard work, super long hours and dedication of Ben lamb. Many of us may think that we work long hours, but I honestly don't think that I know anyone that works harder than Ben. I could talk to him at 7 in the morning and then talk to him again at 1 in the morning and he is still hard at work. The city of North Adams is lucky to have someone dedicated to the success of the city. We are truly lucky to have him.

In closing Pete said:

I watched the last 20 years of my life pass me by with my career of being in a truck. I've always wanted to be more active and volunteer, but never had the time. I absolutely love my new life

Just so you know he also gives away tons of restaurant certificates for different benefits all year long, he also helps out veterans a lot too.

So then I asked him who he would nominate as the next he thought gives to the community. Peter Replied:

 I will say it again, there is no better Ambassador for North Adams than Ben, this guy never stops. For example last Friday he had such a busy day, he finally got to enjoy the benefit of the parklet at midnight, we just sat there and enjoyed a shake from McDonald's @midnight to talk about more ideas on Eagle Street.

desp 1

Photos Courtesy of Pete Oleskiewicz

Next week we will feature North Adams City Councilman Benjamin Lamb.

If you would like to nominate someone in the community as a person who makes it a better place to. live You can email me cadams@wupe.com   Please include their name contact information for you and the person you nominate and a phone number where I can reach you.

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