To add to the festive community spirit the City of Pittsfield announced through the Facebook page that back by popular demand Ringing of the Bells will return this holiday season to Pittsfield.

In an effort to “Keep the spirit of the holidays alive and the belief of “Believe” in the hearts of all forever” according to the Facebook post. Residents throughout the Berkshires, not just Pittsfield residents are asked Thanksgiving night to turn on their Christmas lights, go outside their front door and start ringing a bell to fill the area with joyous holiday sounds and to spread the love from one household to the next.
Residents are asked to ring the bells every Sunday night at 6 pm right up until Christmas day which is only 40 days from today.

If you don’t happen to have a bell there is always the world-wide-web to the rescue as the App Store offers a number of holiday bell options. The two I found did come with a price tag of 99-cents. YouTube also has a number of holiday bell sound effects that you can access by clicking on this link.

The City of Pittsfield is also asking residents to share this information with as many family members and friends as possible to help build this holiday community gesture into an event that grows and grows each year.

The Facebook post on the City of Pittsfield page did hint of the possibility of “a jolly, happy, red-suited man may be sighted in the Southeast side of town”!

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