Are you thinking about retiring in 2022?  It is a decision baby boomers struggle with every year.  You can take early retirement at 62 but if you can hang in there until your late 60s or at 70 your social security benefits will increase.  Jump on the early retirement bandwagon and you will receive less of a SS benefit, but maybe you've done a great job stuffing your mattress all these years and are ready to say goodbye to your 9-5 and start living.

If you’re looking for a nice place to settle down to enjoy your golden years you won’t have to travel far if you are living in Western Mass according to They recently rated the “10 Best Places to Retire in Massachusetts in 2021.”  Out of the top 10 best places, 6 out of the 10 are located right here in Western Mass.

The Berkshires made the list with Pittsfield landing at #2 behind Springfield.  Pittsfield made the list for the beauty of the landscape, the Mountain State Park, Appalachian Trail, and the skiing on the newly-renovated Bousquet Mountain.  The historic sites of Shaker Village and Herman Melville’s Home were also listed as highlights of living in Pittsfield according to the article.

The other Western Mass communities that placed in the “10 Best Places to Retire in Massachusetts in 2021’ were Springfield at #1…Chicopee at #3…Holyoke at #5…West Springfield at #7…and Agawam at #10.

Filling in the remainder of the Top 10 included Gardner at #4…Fitchburg at #6…West Springfield at #7…New Bedford at #8 and Worcester at #9.

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