On Wednesday, the Berkshire District Attorney's Office sent a release regarding the recent conviction of a Pittsfield man stemming back to an incident that took place in 2019.

Dominic Simonetta, 49, of Pittsfield, pled guilty to single counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, witness intimidation, assault with a dangerous weapon, and two counts of threat to commit a crime. The Commonwealth requested four to six years in state prison, and the Defense requested no more than two years and eight months. Judge Douglas Wilkins sentenced Simonetta to serve two to three years in state prison.

Pittsfield Police responded to an Onota Street address on the morning of September 12, 2019, after the victim reported that Simonetta had attacked her.

Simonetta physically assaulted with his fist and threatened the victim, struck the victim with a machete, destroyed the victim’s phone, and would not let the victim leave the house.

After climbing out a window in order to escape, the victim was able to call 911 from a neighbor's house.

“I thank the Pittsfield Police Department for their response. Domestic violence calls are some of the most dangerous for responding police officers, and the Pittsfield Police Department did a great job protecting the victim and bringing Mr. Simonetta into custody peacefully,” District Attorney Andrea Harrington said.

Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington’s office serves all 32 cities and towns in Berkshire County. The office represents the Commonwealth in more than 7,500 criminal cases per year in Berkshire Superior Court, three district courts, three juvenile courts, Massachusetts Appeals Court, and Supreme Judicial Court.

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