This Wednesday, September 21st, is the third season premiere of FOX's 'Lego Masters'. The show is hosted by actor Will Arnett. The reality competition show features teams building Lego projects that will meet the creative goals for that particular episode. A Pittsfield, MA native is set to make an appearance on the first episode of the new season, this week.

Pittsfield's Erin Laundry will be competing for the $100,000 grand prize awarded on 'Lego Masters'.

Laundry had previously auditioned with her husband as her partner for Season 2 of 'Lego Masters', and has since been honing her skills by attempting to recreate some of the challenges that contestants were tested with throughout the duration of the second season.

Western Mass News recently interviewed Erin Laundry about the process she's gone through. Laundry says:

It turns out I actually auditioned for Season 2 with my husband as my teammate. We only got to a certain point in the process, but at that point I was determined to make it on Season 3. So, I spent all last year preparing for it and trying to learn all new skills with Lego so that I could compete well on the show.

Liz Puleo (with Laundry in the photo above), also from Massachusetts, will be her partner for the competition as it starts up for Season 3. According to Laundry's interview with Western Mass News, the pair met through a Facebook group for 'Female Lego Builders'.

The pair from the Bay State will get their shot at the grand prize starting this Wednesday on FOX. The episode will air at 9 p.m., following 'The Masked Singer'. Check out the full video on Pittsfield's Erin Laundry making her way onto 'Lego Masters', as well as some of her awesome Lego designs!

It's always awesome to see Pittsfield represented on a national level, and Massachusetts for that matter. Good luck to both Erin and Liz!

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