Slater had a chance to speak with Pittsfield Public Schools' Superintendent Joe Curtis on Monday morning as kids went back to school. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker had ordered a bunch of COVID-19 tests for school employees.

Governor Baker had sent a number of tests to each city and then the mayor made a plan for distribution at the city level. As of today (Monday), we have 32 staff members and 26 students positive for COVID. Not all positive tests results were from the tests we handed out, some were previously positive. Of course, we are keeping a close, close eye on it.

We handed out about 640 tests on Saturday at Taconic High School, we had a long car line of staff that were willing to come on the holiday so they could test before returning to school.

Right now, with 32 staff members out it is manageable; however, we will be watching it very close this week, I have a live spreadsheet that the principals are populating with staff absences so we can make an ongoing assessment of the situation. But right now, today, all schools are open.

Curtis said 26 students were out with COVID as of Monday with that number changing even throughout the day at times.

An updated COVID-19 protocol information guide concerning the Pittsfield Public Schools was sent out to all parents, guardians, students, and staff over the weekend.

Slater and Marjo speak with Superintendent Curtis once a month on Live 95.9, more so if need be.

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