Pittsfield definitely has its fair share of attractions for everyone. There is no shortage of places to explore throughout the Berkshires either. If you're enjoying a night out, there are plenty of joints to seek out in the area, but what about those spots where you can take the whole family? One particular TikTok video in Pittsfield shows exactly where you can do just that.

The downtown area in Pittsfield isn't just for bars, restaurants, and live entertainment. It is also full of plenty of history. Of course, given that we're in a state with such a rich history, there are definitely more than a few historical places to seek out in and around Pittsfield. But it will be tough to find a spot that has more to learn about than this particular spot downtown. And it's the perfect spot to take the whole family.

The TikTok user, @littlebitoftaylor, captured exactly why the Berkshire Museum is such a cool spot to take the kids! The entire video could've been an ad for the downtown spot.

With Lozeak's 'Alter Ego' playing in the background, it makes for the perfect soundtrack for all the sites within the museum to make sure the kids explore. With so many awesome exhibits, the whole family will love the Berkshire Museum Aquarium, the Berkshire Backyard, the Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation, and more that the video shows.

With summer winding down, perhaps you're looking for something to do with the kids before school starts up again. It just so happens, there's a good spot for just that in downtown Pittsfield!

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