So it's come to this Government on every level in this country is so ineffective that fast food chains are our best hope for infrastructure improvements. We are talking about road repair here.

Domino's Pizza just announced a new plan to drive around the country and fix potholes.

They're framing it as a way to, quote, "save pizza" by giving a smoother ride to delivery drivers and people driving home with carryout but really, it's just a smart marketing campaign that's promoting their pizza while simultaneously doing some real good.

They've already started fixing potholes in Bartonville, Texas, Milford, Delaware, Athens, Georgia, and Burbank, California.

And they're taking nominations on their website for other towns to help at So if you feel your street needs a little pothole help nominate it!

But not every town will get the Domino's paving crew, though in some cases, they'll just be sending the city some money. Still is a win-win if you ask me.