It was a busy "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" on Wednesday, Mayor Tyer joined us for our monthly segment, Shannon from Greylock Federal Credit Union was on on-air to remind 95.9 listeners who are Greylock clientele to activate their new debit cards, and lastly, John Perrault from The Berkshire Humane Society was here for his weekly chat.

Perrault, who has been a victim of the recent catalytic converter thefts in the area, mentioned to us that they have struck yet again! A Subaru on the property of Baker's Golf in Lanesborough promoting the humane society's fundraiser and giveaway had its catalytic converter stolen just a few days ago.

What Is A Catalytic Converter?


A catalytic converter is that thing under your car that drastically reduces the amount of toxic gases that come from your engine's exhaust system. It is part of exhaust, and unfortunately, can, sort of easily, be removed by a Sawzall (brand). The device contains valuable precious metals hence the attraction to thieves.

Below is a picture of a catalytic converter removed from the exhaust system.

Rick Miller Facebook
Rick Miller Facebook

You'll know when your catalytic converter is missing, too. The loud exhaust noise immediately gives it away.

This, sadly, is a national problem, not just a local issue, and law enforcement seems to be on the case.



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