A popular local eatery in the Berkshires has changed ownership, as well as its name, for the first time in nearly 50 years.

This particular local Pittsfield spot has seen the local community grow up around it throughout the 48 years of ownership under Joanne Longton. Several weeks back, Joanne announced that Joanne's Elm Street Luncheonette in Pittsfield was going to be passed on to new owners. That new owner is Shelley Strizzi. And Shelley has 'Shelley's Kitchen' up and running, while ready to serve the local Pittsfield and surrounding Berkshires community.

Strizzi has been in the business for over 30 years along with spending some of that time at the luncheonette in the past. The spot opened up under its new ownership and new name near the end of February, but have actively took to social media to let everyone know what they're up to, such as their full menu, and their hours of operation.

Not only have they been active on social media with letting the public know about their specials, but they have also been showing customers how their appreciation for their loyalty and kindness throughout the transition in ownership of the restaurant.

In case you haven't had the chance, you can find Shelley's Kitchen at 123 Elm Street in Pittsfield. Congrats to Shelley Strizzi on the getting the new joint up and going, while she and her crew continue to be a prime local go-to restaurant for the Pittsfield area and surrounding Berkshires community.

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